Goals and Progress

To be perfectly honest, I don’t really have any goals yet.  I am still kind of in the exploratory stage to find out more about the industry.  As most of you know, almost every hobby can get really expensive.  Photography is no exception, especially when it comes to the equipment.

I am at a little disadvantage, which is good since I like a good challenge.  I have successfully determined that the camera on my cheap cell phone will not work for low light photography.  So, with my total cash budget for a month being $94 for everything, I am going to have to get real creative to find a camera and a few other things.  Here is a list of the things I have started or done so far:

  • 8-18-2018Idea first seriously thought about.  Spent almost two weeks, off and on, thinking about idea being possible.
  • 9-1-2018 I started putting pen to paper looking a numbers, seeing what startup expenses would be.  Also looked at possible sources of income to pay for these expenses.
  • 9-6-2018After making a list of possible sources of income, I started investigating further.  I started with selling stock photos, and found that $0.20-.25 per download is what is paid when first starting out.  This is good since I already have a pile of photos I can use to get my portfolio started without leaving the house.
  • 9-7-2018Created an account with Adobe Stock, uploaded 25 photos for approval and photo of government ID for tax purposes for payments.  Created wordpress.com account to start blogging, which I have never done before.  Decided on name for business, late nyte photography and latenyte.com is available.
  • 9-8-2018Determined that the camera on my cell phone won’t work for shooting low light photos, so I am going to need a camera.  Looked in pawn shops, goodwill, craigslist.com, ebay.com, amazon.com and little nickel for inexpensive cameras that would get me started.
  • 9-9-2018Got a really good deal on a Nikon Coolpix P530 and two batteries for $100.  Bad news is no AC cable for camera to PC connection or battery charging.  After getting this camera I have $62 left in my account to live on until October 2nd.
  • 9-10-2018I need money to register domain, get AC adaptor for new camera and to build a light box for shooting product photography.  The only way I can do this right now is to do something I don’t really want to do.  I am going to sell my football card collection.  One binder alone could get me hopefully close to $300 and not less than $200.  This would take care of some of the financial pain.
  • This brings me current to where I am right now…

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