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Later today I'm off to downtown for my hearing.  I did as good as I could writing up my 47 page document.  Since I will be riding the train, I am going to try to make the most of the $8 fare.  Weather permitting, I plan on doing some shooting while downtown.  I don't really... Continue Reading →

My next upgrade…

I have put a lot of thought into this.  I have a list of things that are on my wish list but needed to break that down to needs and wants.  One of the pieces of equipment that has gotten me by so far is a broken cheap tripod that I have had over 25... Continue Reading →

Please be patient…

I understand that right now it may be difficult to view this site.  I also understand that not much has been done to fix this problem.  Please be patient as these changes are coming.  Everyone understands what priorities are, and this month I have been more focused on my healthcare and my hearing coming up... Continue Reading →

Time to hit the books…

As of this morning I still have 10 images under review with Adobe Stock and now have 23 images for sale.  A bunch of my images have been rejected for whatever reason.  With that said I am going to use this blog post to show some of the images I have submitted that have been... Continue Reading →

No dice for Full Moon

This is the best I could do shooting through the low clouds we had last night.  The good news is last night is not going to be the last full moon.  I have a lunar calendar now hanging in my studio.  I have also noticed that not too many weather people give nightly forecasts like... Continue Reading →

Where is the full moon?

Ok, after pounding keys on the keyboard, off and on, for hours  I wanted to try to get some shots of the full moon tonight.  It has been overcast since the moonrise and we had a good rain for about 30 minutes at about 8PM.  The rain was able to destroy the fog and some... Continue Reading →

I love a good challenge!

Ok, how about a little more catch up.  I'm around 500+ shots, now own two books on photography, have 11 photos for sale, 7 days until my hearing and my first Ebay auction ends tomorrow with a sale.  This is good cause I don't get my $94 November Disability allowance for 10 days.  It's come... Continue Reading →


It has been a bit since my last blog... On October 17th I was able to do some night shooting.  I haven't really attempted any night portraits or much night landscapes except sunsets.  I have been pointing my camera up.  Honestly, I don't know the order of operations when it come to learning what the... Continue Reading →


So I had another night of four and a half hours sleep.  I don't understand why y body wants to wake up with so little rest.  Any how, first thing I did this morning was check my e-mail.  Funny, the e-mails I'm waiting on didn't come and the e-mail I thought would never come was... Continue Reading →

I’ve moved in…

A bunch has happened recently which has kept me from doing the blogging thing.  I have never blogged before and I am noticing that if you don't make regular posts then you have some work to do to get caught up.  I am going to try to keep things simple for every one by getting... Continue Reading →

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