The Bank, part 2

I am doing something I don’t want to explain.  As of September 19th I haven’t spoken with anyone by choice.  On October 1st, I was paid my $97 for the month.  So, I left the house to get the most done, in the least amount of time from one trip.  I went to Walmart, Dollar Store, Fred Meyer, 76 Station and Key Bank.

I had no idea at all how I was going to deal with the bank issue without speaking, so I brought a notepad and pen.  I had the previous post printed with me and a couple of things written on my notepad for help.  For example, I had: “I am sorry but I can’t speak right now.” and “Is the branch manager available?”.  I went up to the teller that greeted me and showed him my notepad with the two lines.

After reading the two lines he makes a motion to me, without saying a word, like he wants me to hand him my notepad and pen.  I quickly wrote down that I couldn’t speak, and that I wasn’t deaf.  He wanted to know what it was regarding and I didn’t want to waste any time having him read the letter for the branch manager.  He asked if it was an emergency and I wrote down not for me.  He then explains that the manager was out to lunch and wouldn’t be back for an hour.

I let the teller know if the branch manager wasn’t available, I would like the contact information for the regional manager.  He was very hesitant and went to ask someone what to do.  When he came back he let me know that he could take me information, pass it on the the regional manager and have them contact me.  I asked the teller how I was supposed to communicate with the regional manager when they call me?  I ended up opting to wait an hour for the branch manager.

When I finally got to meet with the branch manager, it got very quite while he read the letter I wrote him.  At one point he got up and questioned the teller I spoke with back in September to try to verify my story.  There were the empty apologies, empty promises and excuses.

Results:  they removed me from collections, waived the $-5.77 balance, reopened my account and hopefully the bank will properly train it’s employees in customer service.  Not happy but satisfied and I didn’t have to speak a word.

The great news is now I can order the charging cable for the camera so I can start taking pictures…

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