October 4th, 2018

Well when I woke up today, I don’t really know what got into me.  I got up and had the house to myself.  I got dressed, went downstairs and got my shoes.  Instead of enjoying being the king of the castle for a few hours, I hopped in my truck and headed out to Fred Meyer.

What you don’t know is that the same day I got my bank account fixed, I also purchased the USB cable for the camera, at Fred Meyer, to charge the batteries.  After getting home I found that it could charge the batteries if I chose yes to charge from PC in the settings.  Well the batteries were dead, so I couldn’t get to the settings.  I got tired of dealing with it and knew I could return it, so I gave it a rest.

I went straight to the electronics department and grabbed the universal battery charger.  Less than 2 minutes with customer service and I made the exchange.  I figured I would stop by the library on the way home and see what they had in the 778.719 section.  I found 2 books and brought them home.  If you started reading this blog from the beginning, you may have noticed things don’t ever go as I plan.

This leads me to not rush to go take that first picture.  Instead I chose to charge both of the batteries, go over the manual again and skim through the different settings available on the camera.  Just so you have a good idea of the manual I am speaking of, it’s the 222 page .PDF Coolpix P530 Owner’s Manual I downloaded from Nikon’s website.

Before going to bed the first battery was charged, so I got the second one started.  October 5th, tomorrow, I will attempt to get my first shots.

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