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The Weather


Where should I start with this one.  When you take photos during the day, there is always some light.  It could be raining and overcast, and you could still get some good shots off.  I am sure there are some tricks I will learn later down the road, but at night you need all the light you can get.  I personally would like that to come from the moon.

So, when you go out for a night shoot and it is over cast, there is no moon so the light you get is from ground sources.  You can’t see the moon and stars through the clouds either.  If you top that all off with rain, it can still be possible, but for educational purposes, not necessary.  So after I figured out I needed my tripod and the timer to have a chance, the night of October 5th it was overcast and raining.

The night of October 6th I took several photos and some turned out way better than the first night photos I took.  I played around some more with the night landscape, night portrait and the custom user setting.  The custom user setting allowed me to adjust the ISO, F stop, focus and a bunch of stuff.  Here is a night image I took with the tripod, with the custom user setting.

Lake Meridian – Kent, WA

This was taken on October 6th, 2018 at 9:50PM from my dock on Lake Meridian. I had the vibration control off and the camera mounted on my tripod. I used the custom user setting and a 10 second timer.  The lighting seen illuminating the clouds is from Kent, WA East Hill (looking west).  Using the same settings and setup I took this photo looking west.

Lake Meridian – Kent, WA

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