I’ve moved in…

A bunch has happened recently which has kept me from doing the blogging thing.  I have never blogged before and I am noticing that if you don’t make regular posts then you have some work to do to get caught up.  I am going to try to keep things simple for every one by getting caught up with cliff notes.

  • I sold the very last piece of jewelry I owned to get the ball rolling.
  • I bought a domain to host my site.
  • I have shot over a full battery of photos.
  • Took over one bay of the garage.
  • Purchased web hosting.
  • Spent $25 between good will and the dollar store for stuff to setup a studio.

Studio Before 1

  • Cleaned out the garage bay and setup a 50″ LED HDTV as a secondary monitor for my laptop.
  • Setup a 32″ LED HDTV as primary monitor for my laptop.
  • Installed the updated version of the software that came with the camera.
  • Checked for firmware updates for my camera.
  • Shot first product photos for Ebay.

Studio Before 2

I’m still working out the kinks, but I have a little heater, Halloween lights, office supplies, light booth, stereo and editing lab.  It’s not much considering my budget.  The good news is the web hosting and domain fees are annually paid.  No promises of any shooting tonight and tomorrow I will be spending some time working on a hearing I have coming up for my disability.

Tomorrow night…  The moonset should be far enough behind the sunset to make another attempt at a moon shot.


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