So I had another night of four and a half hours sleep.  I don’t understand why y body wants to wake up with so little rest.  Any how, first thing I did this morning was check my e-mail.  Funny, the e-mails I’m waiting on didn’t come and the e-mail I thought would never come was there.

First Approval

I had to stop what I was doing because I couldn’t stop laughing.  I uploaded probably 40 of what I thought were my best photos from my cell phone and they were all rejected.  I have been trying to upload 5 photos a day from the days shots.  So I probably have submitted 50-60 photos from my new camera.  Three photos from my last batch were approved for sale.  The one above of the moon and two from the soccer park for the MLS during the day.

This may have some folks with more experience chuckle, but for someone that hasn’t even had a class on photography in school its a milestone.  Everyone has there first at everything.  For this blog there will be a lot of firsts, hah.   The good news is that I haven’t lost interest, I’m still making progress and might be on my way to make my first income from photography.

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