I love a good challenge!

Ok, how about a little more catch up.  I’m around 500+ shots, now own two books on photography, have 11 photos for sale, 7 days until my hearing and my first Ebay auction ends tomorrow with a sale.  This is good cause I don’t get my $94 November Disability allowance for 10 days.  It’s come to selling my own personal belongings so I can afford paper plates.

Earlier this evening I was browsing around the Adobe Stock website, not knowing what to look for or where anything was.  I bumped into a link to their contributors of the week page.  This kind of made my brain go from nap time, to the moon.  Here is where Adobe Stock displays the top 10 contributors for each category.  I actually viewed all ten profiles from images.


WoW!  To get the 11 shots for sale i probably submitted a little over 100 shots.  Of those 100+ shots I submitted, not one of them were edited or had any effects pre or post production.  Full raw photos for other the edit, crop, rotate or whatever.  In the images section of top contributors, almost all the images have had editing done.  There is no way to compete with that crap.  I guess I’ll be reading up on how to edit my stuff on my spare time.  ~sarcasm

So if I do some editing, I kind of have some questions.  I’m not asking geeves, so when I’m not shooting, reading, writing, studying, I will Google the following questions:

  • What is the common dimensions for a banner?
  • What is the common dimensions for a icon?
  • What are the dimensions of the image purchased most on Adobe Stock?
  • What images are buyers looking for right now?
  • What is the best free image editor for a FNG?

Just so everyone is clear about my motives, I want to shot latenyte photos.  To pay bills, fuel for my truck with expired tabs that doesn’t run and possibly save my life I am having to generate an extra dollar or two.


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