Where is the full moon?

Ok, after pounding keys on the keyboard, off and on, for hours  I wanted to try to get some shots of the full moon tonight.  It has been overcast since the moonrise and we had a good rain for about 30 minutes at about 8PM.  The rain was able to destroy the fog and some of the stagnant air but there is still a thin layer of clouds a few thousand feet of giving a halo around the moon.  It is not very cool looking.

The moon is there, my batteries are charged and my tripod is setup.  I don’t feel comfortable though waiting outside with the camera though.  Everything is totally wet, either from the rain or the really heavy dew.  Oh, brain fart!  Early morning shots of the dew!

Well, it’s 2AM’ish and I wanted to post an update before I close up the studio for the night.  I will leave you with a shot I took a while back…


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