November 2018 in Review

November 2018 has been an explosive month for  In 91 days we have crossed a few milestones: Views up 2300% from October, 600+Followers Tripled, 25+Likes 200+100+ Stock Photo Submissions40+ Stock Photos for Sale60+ Blog EntriesShot Counter 1700+ Then there are all the things that have been done, but not shown in  They include:... Continue Reading →

I’m packing my bags for December…

More like I am packing my truck.  One of the things I enjoy doing to take a break is heading up into the mountains and sit by a campfire.  Yes, I know it is winter time and where I'm going there may be snow.  As you can see from the featured photo, I am not... Continue Reading →

Review of two Apps for Photography

I occasion I will review mobile applications that can be used for photography.  In this article I will be reviewing two applications, Photo Time and Moon Phase Calculator. Photo Time - by Instasoft v 1.32 Photo Time - by Instasoft is an application that breaks down the lighting of any day by location.  I downloaded... Continue Reading →

Made the most of family photos…

A friend of the family is a professional photographer.  For the last few years we have had her shoot our family holiday photos.  This year she had us venture north to Medina Park in Medina, WA.  I have never been to this park so it was all new to me.  When we got to the... Continue Reading →

5 Great Gift Ideas for a Photographer

1.) Camera Storage - One thing that every digital photographer needs, or can never have enough of, are storage drives for their cameras.  This year they price for such drives is less than half of what it was last year, allowing you to purchase one of better quality and still save money.  To give you... Continue Reading →

Treasure Found in Seattle!

In September of this year I knew of the terms ISO, Aperture and F-stop, but that is about it.  Since then I've read seven books, read a bunch of websites and watched videos.  Yes all of these have helped in my education of photography, but I have found a gem that is a guide to... Continue Reading →

It wasn’t all fun and games.

Ok, so yesterday was family day for Thanksgiving.  Sure there was tons of food, football, kids running around screaming and ample opportunities for some great shots.   Quick question, have you ever tried to figure out something without success after fiddling with it, reading books and manuals only to stumble on to the answer when you... Continue Reading →

Pieces of April

I can't believe I forgot about this movie.  Sorry photography lovers, its Thanksgiving.  Way back in 2003 I started culinary school.  In school I was given two free tickets to go see the movie "Pieces of April".  It was playing in a small theater off of I-5 and 50th, north of Seattle, WA.  It is... Continue Reading →

All warm and fuzzy…

Happy Thanksgiving! I don't care where in the world you are, smile and be thankful for something. I am not censoring my posts, but wanted to post something from the lighter side of the What the Foto? department for the American holiday. This submission has nothing to do with America and wasn't even shot in... Continue Reading →

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