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When it rains I read…

I find it uneventful, unproductive and boring to sit and wait for the skies to clear.  I went out looking for books.  I’m tired of paying late fees at the library and need new reading material.  I sought google maps looking for used bookstores near me.  I went to five different stores in three towns.  I was able to pickup 12 books for less than $18.

Next I stopped by the library to return two books that were 3 days late.  I already had a fine of $3, so my total in late fees was $3.60.  I paid the fines and put holds on five more books that were in storage.  I then found the two books above.  I picked up the Creative Composition to learn more about how a shot is composed for better stock submissions.  I grabbed Capturing Light with the hope of getting a better understanding of how a camera sees light.

Last month I made the purchase of the book Photographic Lighting, by David Brooks.  I haven’t got a crack at it yet but it was a purchase, so no late fees.  Ten of the books I purchased were for scouting possible shots, as well as seeing a larger collection of what other have shot in specific locations.

I will definitely let everyone know if these books were any good and worth a read.


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