Yet again, nothing went as planned.  At about 8pm I started getting chest pains.  When I went in the house at 11pm I tried stretching, laying flat on my back and deep breathing, but nothing gave me relief.  Around midnight I went downstairs to get more comfortable.  The pain only got worse, to the point that I shouldn’t drive myself to the emergency room.

I call 911 and a huge fire truck came out.  Then a fire aid truck showed up and then an ambulance.  They couldn’t pinpoint for certain the cause, so they hauled me to the emergency room.  I got the whole lineup of tests, EKG, blood work and such.  They put me on an IV and gave me a shot to try to relieve the pain.  It helped some, bringing me from an level of 8 on the pain scale to a 7.

I don’t understand the pain scale.  They say on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst, where is your level of pain.  It seems like every time they ask me I have a different interpretation of the scale.  Right then I established the scale to be more consistent.  If 10 was the worst, for me that would be passed out from the pain.  Seriously if it was the worst I wouldn’t be conscious.

I then put a 9 as being right before passing out.  You know when you get hot flashes and start sweating like a sprinkler when the tunnel gets darker.  That would put 8 on the scale being in an immense amount of pain.  That is where I was when I went to the emergency room.

It wasn’t a heart attack, indigestion or gas.  No idea at all, but scary none the less, four days before my 45th birthday.

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