Apps for Photography

Recently we went over and it lunar calendar.  It might be great for the studio, but maybe not so much in the field.  I just finished going through the book Capturing Light and in the beginning of the book the author discussed the app Helios for iphone.  That does me no good since my phone is an andriod.

I figured I was the perfect candidate to evaluate some android apps for photography.  To make the reading easier, I’m breaking this section in to three parts.  I downloaded the following seven apps:

  • HD Camera – a photo app with filters and editing.
  • Moon Phase Calculator – moon phase information.
  • My Moon Phase – moon phase information.
  • Phases of the Moon – moon phase information.
  • Photographer’s Companion – an app with lots of photography information.
  • Photography Guide – an app with lots of photography information.

This is your preview…  I will see what works, what doesn’t and give my recommendations after thoroughly going through these apps.  Stay tuned for the results.

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