Intermingled Hobbies…

I have the luxury of having a few hobbies that get intermingled with each other.  For over 30 years I have been a gold prospector/miner, rock hound and more recently an amateur treasure hunter.  I consider them intermingled because when I go out looking for the shiny stuff I always see things I want to shoot.  At the same time when I go out for a shoot, I often see places that I want to investigate for the shiny stuff.

Something you might want to ask yourself, are you shooting something you enjoy, or are you chasing shots that somebody has already taken?  Until I get a better handle on the core of photography, I am shooting everything.  If I recreate something that somebody else has already shot right now, it is for educational purposes.  I do this for experience so I can shoot the stuff I enjoy.

Learning the basics of photography is a journey and something I will not learn overnight.  I have started keeping a notepad with me to take notes on the settings that have worked and shot ideas I have while out in the field.  I have found that learning on my own has allowed me to learn at my own pace without pressure or deadlines.  If you are looking to get into photography for a hobby or for a profession, try to keep your focus on your goals.

It is very easy to get sidetracked, distracted and to start following a path that leads you away from your focus.  It is okay to branch out as long as you remember to keep your focus in mind.  My focus is low-light and night photography.  To accelerate my ability to take these quality photos, I’ve had to learn everything else about photography, including shooting in the day.  May your next shoot set the bar!



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