Happy Birthday!

I had a good birthday today.  I knew I had to be at a place by 6:30pm to have dinner with my wife and son, so I left the house at about 2pm.  My journey was about 10 miles and I didn’t want to be late.


I took a path to get there that I wouldn’t normally take.  I ended up making my first stop at Pacific Raceways, where I found that they have a 9/10th mile course with 14 turns reaching 50mph.  I hung out for a bit and took a bunch of shots from different places on the course and shot some video.

When I continued on my journey, I thought about stopping by the bonsai museum and Rhododendron Garden.  I got there about 10 minutes before they closed, but got the low down of the location, parking and fees involved.  On my way to the garden though I remember passing a cool shot of the old Werehauser headquarters.  When I went back to get the shot, it was now in a shadow.


Before I got back to my journey I saw this shot in the parking lot for the bonsai museum.  I then went to 5 different stores looking for a quick release plate for my tripod.  Still no dice.  Sorry but I refuse to pay $3.50 shipping for a $4 part.

latenyte.com had a great day with almost 50 views yesterday.  Thanks!


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