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Latenyte Layout

To get a better idea how latenyte photography is providing it’s information, I made a quick rough chart.  Right now we have information spread over five networks.  They all potentially have different information about latenyte and it’s projects.

Twitter – If you follow latenyte on Twitter, you will get updates about, ideas for shots, quotes and promotions.

Facebook – If you follow latenyte on Facebook, you will see locations where I have checked in for a shoot, images I have contributed for Google Maps and upcoming events.

Adobe Stock – This is of course a site to view our stock portfolio, and can download our images.

Instagram – We have established our Instagram account to share cell phone shots, and behind the scenes look at our shoots, the setup, the equipment and location.

Everything else can be found at  After reading this and clicking a few places, you might ask, where is all this information?  We are doing the best we can with what we have.  With less than two months of an online presence, we are adding info pretty quickly, we haven’t had the time to create all of our content yet.  Keep coming back to see what new information we have added.  Cheese!


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