Adding new WTF category…

I couldn’t take it any longer…  I had to create a category for everything I see and shoot that makes me want to say what the foto?  I am pretty sure this category doesn’t need any further explanation.  Now that we have that cleared up, I need to pick something from my reserves that will really make you want to scratch your head.

Recently I mentioned that I like to play in the woods looking for gold and treasure.  To do this you probably spend 20+ hours of research for every hours you are in the field.  I was recently doing some research, looking for a place I could set up a base camp for a project I am helping with.  While scanning satellite photo after photo, something caught my eye.

It was something that shouldn’t have been there, yet was.  This something wasn’t small, but rather quite large.  When I say quite large I will describe a little further.  I would compare what I saw to be a western Washington version of a crop circle and about the same size.  Now when you think of crop circles, they are in crops like wheat or corn.   What I saw from above was man made and not in your typical crop.

I found two locations where “Domino” pieces had bee precisely carved into this crop, and most of the debris removed.  The reason this blew my mind is that this image will be visible from space for maybe 50 or more years.  There are several ways this could have been done and I have thought of about 5 easy and inexpensive ways to do it.  I will quit babbling and show you the spots.  WTF?


It’s in the middle of a National Forest.  Did our tax dollars pay for this?



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