Here comes the moon! has shown lunar forecasts before, and now here is a little explanation of how to read the charts for those that are not familiar.   To do this we will also need a copy of the solar forecast as well.

Solar Forecast 11-10-18

Now that we have the solar and lunar forecast, we can see what time of day we will have the best possible light for a shot.  The sun sets at 4:38pm and the moon sets at 7:06pm.  This gives you 2 hours and 28 minutes from when the sun goes down until the moon sets.  At 4:38pm the moon is going to be 19 degrees up from the horizon and heading SSW at 208 degrees.

The moon is only going to be illuminated 11%.  I also know that from where I am located, using a compass, the moon will rise at 121 degrees, and the moon will set at 238 degrees.  With all of this information I can determine that if I want to get a shot of the moon illuminated at 11%, the best time for me to do so is going to be between 5:08pm and 6:36pm.  Any later and you run out of time before the moon hides behind a hill, trees or something else.

This is probably not the best day to use for an example.  You have a better idea of the shot you are looking to take better than anyone.  This was merely an example of how to use the charts.  I hope this helps those that had questions about reading the charts.  Cheese!



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