It’s time for me to let go…

With the holiday’s on their way, and having my money tree get run over by the lawn mower, I’m forced to seek other means to provide for my family.  Ok, needs a little support as well.  I have four framed, autographed and numbered works of art from a Seattle, WA artist.  I acquired these back in 2001 and thought I would never let them go.

The Artist is Tim Wistrom, and he is known for his work on pacific northwest subjects that usually have a wicked twist in them.  If you have never heard of Tim Wistrom, you should at least check out some of his work.  The piece that is relevant to today’s issues is one called “The Night Shift” and that is the piece that I am willing to let go of.

“The Night Shift” depicts Seattle Washington in the future after a natural disaster.  The Smith Tower reaches out of the depths of the sound next to a partially submerged Kingdome and three Orca whales swimming around them.  It is number 75/950 with two autographs(front and back) in it’s original frame.  I know what they cost 20 years ago, and what they are worth today if you can find one.  There were other series’s created, but not with this large of a piece.

This is in it’s original frame and I am the second owner.  The original owner was moving to California, knew I really wanted them and didn’t want to pack them, so he gave me a good deal.  The frame is 21″x25″ and the print is 12″x16″.

I am going to sell this piece, not because I want to, but I need gas money and to donate to Santa’s Toy Fund.  I don’t really want to sell it on Ebay and pay all the fee’s especially if I don’t plan on shipping it anywhere.  When it sells it will be for local pickup only.  It costs too much time and $$ for me to try to figure out how to ship something so fragile.  So I can take pretty much any form of payment, there won’t be sales tax, fees or shipping costs if I sell it for local pickup only.

I suppose enough with the blah blah blah…  In it’s current condition, the value is $425.  I suppose if I were to wait for that right person I could get $425 or more maybe.  I am running out of time before Christmas and really want to place it in a good new home.  The price for local pickup today is $350 if you contact me at and will be listed for $425 on Ebay to cover fees.  You are welcome to contact me with any questions you may have.  What a bummer…  the things one will do for family and photography.

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