New stock photo rejections

I’m grinning typing this.  As I continue my journey into photography I continue to find ways to screw up photos and learn even more about what I don’t know.  Over my last few rounds of submissions, I have had photos rejected for reasons not given previously.  I know exactly why these were rejected, lack of camera experience and lack of editing ability.

This first image was rejected for sale for being a “Similar Image“.  This should be pretty self explanatory.  Even though this image was different than the other submitted, it was enough like them to get sent to file 19.  This is something that I had read about but it didn’t concern me when I was submitting them.

Similar Image 01

*Note To Self If you are going to be submitting a large number of photos for stock photography, and you have several images that are similar, submit your top picks first.  If they don’t all get approved you can always submit the similar images later.  Your photos will not expire if they are not submitted at the same time as the other similar images.

These next four images were rejected for “Artifacts Problem“.  I am going to have to do some homework on this one, as I have never heard of an artifacts problem.  There is a little description of it on Adobe Stock, but if you don’t know jack about photography, the description looks like a foreign language.  These were selected because they all have different light conditions, color and camera settings.

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