Correction, not heartburn…

On November 4th I had an ambulance take me to the hospital for chest pain. I was released after a few hours and sent home with heartburn medication.

At about 3pm yesterday I started having the same chest pains. I figured it was my heartburn/indigestion and went about what I was doing. By 8pm the chest pains were getting worse. I knew I had a doctor appointment today at 11am, so I tried to wrap up the project I was working and go to bed early.

I probably made it to bed around 1am and the chest pain got really bad. I had one session where I got really hot, stripped, got up to open my door. By the time I got back to bed I was shivering so bad that my shaky hands knocked over my water.

I tossed, turned, sat up, stood up, stretches and laid back down all night trying to get comfortable. It never happened and I might have gotten 10 minutes of sleep here and there. Come morning, I took 2 pepcid ac and that gave only a little relief for a little while. I then took 2 extra strength gas-x, farted a couple times but no relief.

The time for my doctor appointment came and I wasn’t going to drive anywhere, so I called his office and left him a message. I got on the phone and called the nurse line for my insurance and wait to speak to the nurse on call.

I explained what was going on, what I have taken and it was similar to my event on 11/4. She recommended I call 911 and go to the hospital. I recognized the guys that showed up from 11/4. They called me an ice cream truck taxi, and I headed for “The General”.

I think this time around the folks in the ER figured it might not be heartburn. The cardiologist went over a few options for further testing and I chose the invasive tube up through a hole by my junk. Why not get a free trim?

With their fancy machines they were able to determine that the front valve of my heart had been completely blocked, wasn’t moving or pumping blood. I’m awake during this watching my heart on the monitor. He put in a stint?

So, I’m stuck in the dang hospital right now until whenever they think I’m ready to go. I didn’t bring my dang camera. 😢


One thought on “Correction, not heartburn…

  1. OK so I don’t have my camera or my cell phone charger and I’m gonna be here another night. I guess the 1/3 of my heart that quit working is taking it’s sweet ass time trying to start working again. So I need to continue being monitored. They are also experimenting on me with different medication trying to get what they have as a heartbeat stable.
    My blood pressure is now lower than it has ever been. The last time they checked it, it was 79/62. At least they have movies I can watch while I remain in the ICU. My phone will die soon so there may not be updates for a while.


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