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KetDirect Aluminium Tripod

I mentioned a while back that this was going to be my next upgrade.  Let me tell what a great decision this was.  If you are looking for a sturdy, lightweight professional tripod that won't break the bank then look no further. This 2-in-1 tripod could be converted into a full size monopod by screwing... Continue Reading →

Creative Composition by Harold Davis

I've had this book for almost a month now and am blow away with all of the tips that are included.  "Photographic technique can only get you so far.  Technique by itself-without passion or vision-is shallow and meaningless.  Cameras don't take pictures, people do."This is the first paragraph from the first chapter. This book discusses... Continue Reading →

Beer Patrol

"To Ferment and Serve" *I shot this image on 5-24-18, in a day use area of a national forest.  Nothing wrong with shooting something that brings a smile to someone's face. What the Foto?  Back on Memorial Day, a friend and I were looking to go find some shiny rocks.  We left well before the... Continue Reading →

Back to Photography

With the whole medical issue being monitored, I thought it was a good time to figure out where I left off before I disappeared for 3 days.  I was trying to finish my run through of the book, "Creative Composition"I had started a 10-day course on photography compositionCreating a searchable database of latenyte's photosFundraising for... Continue Reading →

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