Beer Patrol

“To Ferment and Serve”

*I shot this image on 5-24-18, in a day use area of a national forest.  Nothing wrong with shooting something that brings a smile to someone’s face.

What the Foto?  Back on Memorial Day, a friend and I were looking to go find some shiny rocks.  We left well before the weekend to secure a good campsite.  Originally we were going to head up the Middle Fork Valley of the Snoqualmie River.  When we reached the location where we wanted to start our search, the road was blocked due to construction.  There was also too many people around for us to camp.

On our way out, I pulled into the Middle Fork Day Use Area to take a wiz and saw something that might belong, but is not something one would expect to find in the parking lot of a National Forest.  I believe the car may be associated with the Fremont Brewing Company for publicity.  How would you try to describe this car to anyone without a photo?  So before we went off to the second place we were going to try and camp I took some photos of the car thinking WTF.

To all the beer lovers out there, this car will put a smile on your face if you see it cruising around.  The Beer Patrol has a page on Facebook if you want more info about the Beer Patrol.


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