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Creative Composition by Harold Davis

I’ve had this book for almost a month now and am blow away with all of the tips that are included. 

Photographic technique can only get you so far.  Technique by itself-without passion or vision-is shallow and meaningless.  Cameras don’t take pictures, people do.

This is the first paragraph from the first chapter.

This book discusses topics like:

  • Understanding your camera
  • Lenses and Focal Lengths
  • Understanding Exposure
  • Photography Design & Perspective

Creative Composition is a good reference book.  I wasn’t unable to finish the book before I had to return it to the library, but didn’t have much left.  If you are new to photography or a student of photography This would be a good book to check out.  It was an easy read for me(2 months experience), because things are explained very well.  There is also some amazing photography included in this book as examples.

I would definitely recommend this book as an addition to your collection.  I will be purchasing this book if I don’t get it from Santa this year.  It will make a nice addition to my reference section.  If you would like to know more about this book, the link below will take you to amazon’s page with detailed information about this book.  Off to check out a couple more books from the library!


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