Going for the Moon

*The Featured image was shot on 3-31-18 from my hotel room with my cellphone.  It is a sunrise in Tokyo, Japan.

I have had a few days to rest and get caught up on some sleep.  I haven’t had a good shot at the moon in a while and tonight looks very promising.  From Seattle, WA the moon will set at 1:51am of the 19th.  This is good news because between 4-6am it’s really cold.

The Moon should be illuminated 81.3% tonight.  This is also good I should be able to get a good shot off the craters without the noise from the moon being so dang bright.  I have had time to brush up on the camera manual again, so I can get a better handle on the manual mode and manually focusing.  These are two of the things I think I will get better at with some trial and error.

I figure I’ll head out about 11ish, after most of the house light noise is reduced.  I figure on a Sunday night that most folks go to bed at a regular hour, after football.  That should give me plenty of time to get some good shots in while allowing for clouds and whatever.  My batteries are charged and equipment is ready to go.

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