There is a WTF? in the hotel lobby?

View from the 4thfloor

*The featured image above was shot from the 4th floor looking towards the 10th floor of a hotel in Tokyo, Japan on 4-10-18 with my cell phone.

I have here another What the Foto? entry.  My wife, son and I were on our way back to our hotel from visiting the Tokyo Tower.  It was only a few blocks from our hotel to walk and it was one of our last nights in Tokyo.  Ever since we arrived in Japan I was fascinated with their architecture and the hotel between the tower and out hotel was amazing and 10 stories tall.  The hotel was over a shopping mall and one of the many train stations in Tokyo.

A crappy shot of the hotel from Tokyo Tower, Japan.

I was able to get some good shots from the lobby  looking up at the exposed interior of the 10 story structure.  When I say good shots, I mean I got as good of a shot as my crappy cell phone would allow.  I asked my wife if we had time to go up a few floors so I could get some shots looking down on the designs.  She nodded and we started riding what seemed like and endless escalator.  This was difficult for me as the escalators had the guard rails to keep you in and then the 40+ foot drop the the ground level.

From lobby. LED stairs begin where arrow points.

After getting to the top of the 4th floor I saw something that you might only see in special effects in films or in cartoons.  There was a 6 story staircase with LED’s built into it, making it a 6 story tall, full color LED display.  It was playing an animated Japanese cartoon and got people to stop in their tracks.  WTF?

Here is a look at the stairs from the side instead of head on.

Side View

The staircase wasn’t closed for the display and folks regularly walked the stairs without interfering with the display.  If we would have rode the elevator to the top we would have never seen to cool display of lights.  Here is a shot from the top looking down the stairs.

Top View

It would be hard to explain without the photo, but this is very real and very cool, yet not something you expect to find walking through a hotel while on vacation.  So to the WTF? category I say cheers to our 4th submission!


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