When did this happen?

I understand I have been out of the tech field a while, but what happened to computer software?  I just read a thick book about a service that gave you access to their software by the month.  After reading the book and doing the review, I figured what the hell, I’ll go see how much this service is.  I get to Adobe’s website, see the prices and said yeah out of my price range (more than free).

Now I was curious,  how much would it cost me to just buy the software at a local computer store.  First I tried Amazon, and they didn’t sell any Adobe software on CD/DVD.  They did have Adobe Elements and Premier Elements but so what, not what I’m looking for.  So now if you want to use Adobe’s software you have to rent it month to month forever?  I could probably get a copy of their older software on Ebay, but no.

What the heck ever happened to you purchasing the latest version of the software, and use the crap out of it until it no longer fits your needs?  Then you go buy the next best version.

The least expensive way for me to use the Adobe software I want would cost me 23% of my monthly income.  That is a little much.  Is this works with all the large software manufactures now a days?  $179 version of software from 15 years ago still works.  In Adobe dollars that would be $3,771 ($20.95 a month * 15 years).  I might just have to go dig through some of my old files and see if I can find some software that still works before I rent software…  and that will be Ray’s Rant for the day.

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