All warm and fuzzy…

Happy Thanksgiving! I don’t care where in the world you are, smile and be thankful for something.

I am not censoring my posts, but wanted to post something from the lighter side of the What the Foto? department for the American holiday. This submission has nothing to do with America and wasn’t even shot in North America. Are you confused yet?

This submission was shot during our trip to Japan this year. We were sightseeing and caught a ferry to an island SW of Hiroshima, Japan. The weather wasn’t horrible, and kind of reminded me of any overcast spring day in Seattle.

After leaving the ferry terminal to get my bearings, I noticed deer in the courtyard. I started looking around and there were deer all over and not just passing through. There wasn’t grass anywhere, they were walking up to people and people were petting them.

WTF? Did we just catch a ferry to a Japanese petting zoo? This is just weird, I thought to myself. I investigated further with my eyes and found signs posted around, cautioning about the deer. These deer would pick pocket the people for food, eating anything they could get their teeth on.

The boy in the photos is my son. He didn’t know what to think. So a not to weird, a little warm and very fuzzy WTF? Thanksgiving to all!


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