It wasn’t all fun and games.

Ok, so yesterday was family day for Thanksgiving.  Sure there was tons of food, football, kids running around screaming and ample opportunities for some great shots.  

Quick question, have you ever tried to figure out something without success after fiddling with it, reading books and manuals only to stumble on to the answer when you weren’t looking for it?  Well that is what happened to me last night.  I was shooting handheld in manual mode.  I sat down to take a break from being on my feet and figured I would give it another try.

Holy frick it was easy, well if you know what the hell you are doing.  I have been reading like crazy and finally things made sense enough that I almost felt comfortable.  I am still feeling a little weird from the ah hah moment.  I have ants in my pants to get outside and get some real practice with manual mode.  So I guess I have thanks for my back pain, that warranted my break, leading to my understanding of the Nikon Coolpix P530’s manual focus and manual mode.

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