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Treasure Found in Seattle!

In September of this year I knew of the terms ISO, Aperture and F-stop, but that is about it.  Since then I’ve read seven books, read a bunch of websites and watched videos.  Yes all of these have helped in my education of photography, but I have found a gem that is a guide to Seattle parks called “Park Preview“. 

In the WordPress Reader I searched for Seattle photography.  Great if you are looking for photography of Seattle, WA right?  Sure, the Seattle park info is great and there is a bunch of amazing photos.  I haven’t really had much time to explore all of them yet because there is also this section called, “Photography for Beginners“.

When I found this section, part 22 had been released and I read it nodding like a bobble head.  I book marked the section and have started reading from part one.  It is an easy to read, free online resource for beginners to further their photography.  I am a beginner and find this source very helpful and worded to make sense.

So cheers to Park Preview for being a valuable resource to!


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