5 Great Gift Ideas for a Photographer

1.) Camera Storage – One thing that every digital photographer needs, or can never have enough of, are storage drives for their cameras.  This year they price for such drives is less than half of what it was last year, allowing you to purchase one of better quality and still save money.  To give you an example, last year for the holiday season you could get a 128GB MicroSD card for $59.99.  To get a better card, made by the trusted Samsung company today, a 128GB Samsung EVO Select MicroSD card is $19.99.  You can’t go wrong picking a few of these up for gifts.  They also work with smart TV’s, action cams, video cameras and much more.  If you would like to know more about these you can click on the image below to be directed to Amazon’s page with detailed product info.

2.) Backup Storage – Once a photographer shoots their images, they might want to back up all of their original images for whatever reason.  Since the images are quite large in size, just a handful of images can fill up a hard drive rather quick.  If the photographer is also shooting high quality video, the file sizes get even larger.  For this I recommend an external hard drive. 

There are many different kinds of external storage devices with ranging sizes of their capacity.  These external drives have also come way down in price.  I would recommend going with the Western Digital Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive.  Anyone that shoots digital photography and video is going to need more storage for backing up their data.  The Western Digital drive comes in different colors, from 1TB – 4TB and ranges from $49-$99 on Amazon right now.  If you click on the image below you will directed to Amazon’s page with more detailed product info.

3.) Stable Tripod – Not every photographer has a tripod.  I am pretty sure that if every photographer had a tripod they would find a use for it.  The thing with tripods is the market is flooded with inexpensive lightweight tripods that aren’t very durable.  So when one is purchased there may not be a decent one to compare the cheaper ones to.  I’m telling you that for just a few more bucks, you could get a durable, lightweight 3-in-1 system that is guaranteed. 

You can make a minipod, a monopod and a tripod with KetDirect tripod system and keep it stable with it’s column hook and 39 pound capacity.  The really cool thing is it won’t break your bank at $44.99 on Amazon right now and you have your choice of black or blue.  By clicking on the image below you will be directed to Amazon’s page with more detailed product info.

4.) Rechargeable Batteries – Almost every camera today requires batteries.  If you want to get something for a photographer that they always need, but usually don’t splurge to get, are extra batteries.  Batteries don’t last forever , and having backup batteries relieves a lot of stress when shooting.  I am pretty sure any photographer will gladly tell about the camera they use.  This is good because if you want to get them a great stocking stuffer you will need to know what camera they use when purchasing batteries.  If you click on the image below, you will be directed to Amazon’s Camera & Camcorder Battery & Charger depot.

5.)  Quick Release Plates – This one I am putting on the list just because they are so difficult to find in South King County, WA.  With out a doubt this will be a treat as inexpensive gift for a photographer.  At the very top of a tripod is a locking device that secures your camera or video recording device to the tripod.  Part of this contraption is what is called a Quick Release Plate.  The Quick Release Plate is the piece the screws into the camera, allowing it to lock into the tripod frame.  When you get a tripod you usually get one quick release plate with the tripod. 

What if you have more than one camera, or a camera and a camcorder?  What if you lose the only one that came with the tripod?  Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Sears, Fred Meyer’s and another 10 stores near me that sell camera’s and tripods did not carry quick release plates.  Yes Amazon has them and they are cheap.  I simply refuse to pay $3-4 shipping for a $4-5 part.  I figure there might be a few more frugal photographers out there with similar thoughts.  Clicking on the image below will take you to Amazon’s site where you can get a great deal on a 2-pak of Universal Quick Release Plates.


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