Made the most of family photos…

A friend of the family is a professional photographer.  For the last few years we have had her shoot our family holiday photos.  This year she had us venture north to Medina Park in Medina, WA.  I have never been to this park so it was all new to me.  When we got to the park I was blown away.  Sculptured landscaping and water features make great backdrops for photo opportunities.

We got our pictures taken and after we said our good byes to our friend, I made a gimpy old man sprint to the car to grab my camera.  Our pictures started at 3:45PM and we got about 20-30 minutes of photos before our son had to go play on the jungle gym.  Most of the photos I took with the Nikon Coolpix are under review with Adobe Stock.  I did grab some photos of the park with my cell phone I will post below.  It paid off remembering my camera, when visiting a new location.

Here are a few of the photos I got of Medina Park:

Our photographer is Chantel Allen with Chantel Allen Life Photographer.


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