Who Gave the Okay for this Ad, WTF?

So I guess I will be doing a lot of reading this winter with the weather the way it is.  I took a day off from reading about photography and went to the library to get a few books.  A couple for photography and six books for research I am doing on a treasure hunt.  One of the books I got for my research was called “294 Glimpses of Historical Seattle, it’s Neighborhoods and Neighborhood Businesses published in 1908.

This is the first book I started going through when I saw something that stopped me in my tracks.  At first it was one of those things that caught my eye, because I saw the phrase Rainier Beer in big bold lettering.  So I went it for a second look and saw that it was a cute old advertisement for Rainier Beer and the Seattle Brewing Company.  I thought that was cool that I found an ad for Rainier that was at least 110 years old.

Then it hit me again.  There was something about the content of the ad that didn’t feel right.  I went in for a third look to do a closer inspection of the ad and actually read it’s contents.  What the Foto?  Why so many WTF’s about beer?  Alarms starting going off.  I think even for being 110 years old that it is still inappropriate.  I will let you see the ad so you can judge for yourself.

Pre – 1908

The little girl is drinking beer and toasting in German with her grandpa.  Was Rainier Beer sold as medicine?  How old do you think the little girl is?  She gives the impression of a 6-8 year old girl.  I’m going to say it again, What the Foto?

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