I’m packing my bags for December…

More like I am packing my truck.  One of the things I enjoy doing to take a break is heading up into the mountains and sit by a campfire.  Yes, I know it is winter time and where I’m going there may be snow.  As you can see from the featured photo, I am not a stranger to camping and having a fire in the snow.

I haven’t been up to have a fire since September and and over due.  I now have even more limitations physically than earlier this year.   So to help with chores, I am cheating for my firewood for the trip.  There is a manufacturing place near me that sets out Boeing bins with their scraps of wood.  They throw out the stuff they can’t use and people come by and fill up their vehicles.  Some get the wood to build things and some get it to stay warm through the winter.

I frequent this spot because you never know what you will find.  I love the pieces that have the dried sap dripping all over them.  They are perfect for starting fires.  I have recently been grabbing the longer pieces too build a desk for my studio.  Right now my laptop is sitting on a stack of cardboard boxes.  I always pick out the wood without any nails or staples, simply because I am burning in the woods and Bambi doesn’t need to be stepping on rusty nails.

I ended up completely filling my truck with 2×4’s, 4×4’s and some 2×6’s.  The wood is all dry and doesn’t need to be covered if it rains.  It burns just as good dry or right after it rained.  I know I am going up for at the very least one night.  Maybe two or three night, who knows.  I will be heading up with a weeks worth of supplies, just in case something happens.  I am bringing enough wood for 3+ nights and every spare battery I can find to keep my cell phone and camera batteries charged.

This trip isn’t just for peace of mind.  I am going to shoot everything I see and still will miss some cool stuff.  My gold pan might get wet during the day and I am going to try to stay under 2500 feet in elevation.  I have a few hills I want to check out that have been clear-cut with a max elevation of 2500 feet.  Weather permitting, I would like to visit one or two of them to hopefully shoot some good night landscape shots.  Where I am looking to make camp is only about 1700-1800 feet.  In town it is supposed to get down to 30 degrees at night so I and going to have to deal with the 20’s plus wind chill.

So if there are no new posts for the first couple of days in December, it’s because I have no cell phone reception.  I don’t expect any amazing other than some quite away from people and possibly some gold in my pan.


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  1. I have a couple of posts scheduled while I am away giving a little more information on my trip and the locations I want to visit. Looking forward to getting out of the house.

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