November 2018 in Review

November 2018 has been an explosive month for  In 91 days we have crossed a few milestones:

  • Views up 2300% from October, 600+
  • Followers Tripled, 25+
  • Likes 200+
  • 100+ Stock Photo Submissions
  • 40+ Stock Photos for Sale
  • 60+ Blog Entries
  • Shot Counter 1700+

Then there are all the things that have been done, but not shown in  They include: reading six photography books, Learning the blogging and social media processes, the 50+ websites I have read and the fundraising I am doing so I can do more than shoot my backyard and dealing with my health issues.

We are serious when it comes to the stock photography, humble when it comes to learning more about photography and having fun with the What the Foto? section of the blog.  We have went from crap to scrap in 91 days and we can’t imagine what is in store for us next month.


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