A Farewell to 2018

2018 has been quite a year and to be honest, I'm glad it's over. There are so many places in Washington I am going to visit next year, it's going to make my camera spin. My only problem is I have to play the waiting game for the next four months. I don't see reading... Continue Reading →

I See Delays…

I'm not going to sugar coat it. It's taking me longer than expected, with the holidays, to complete the new site by Tuesday. I wanted to roll it out all at the same time. It should have only taken me a week to program, but limitations with my account has made it almost impossible to... Continue Reading →

Back to work…

I hope all of you have had a few days to recover from the holidays. I'm running on about 80% of one cylinder but duty calls. Over the holidays I was able to experiment with different kinds of shots. On Christmas Eve, we had dinner up north with family. There were 23 people in a... Continue Reading →

Santa was good to latenyte…

*Featured Image was taken very early Christmas morning. I think after 3am. I was checking every hour if there was a break in the clouds and I said if the moon isn't out when I check after 3am I was going to go to bed. I'm so glad I stayed up, because this was the... Continue Reading →

Away from Studio…

This time of year a lot of stuff gets put on pause while family is our focus. I too have other things in my life going on. So instead of making a post about photography, I'll make a post of thanks... I would like to thank who ever was responsible for creating patient rights. If... Continue Reading →

No Christmas in 2018

For the first time since high school, almost 30 years, I will not be able to do the Christmas thing. I have never celebrated that one guy's birthday or any other religious holiday. What I have celebrated for almost three decades has been the gathering of family and exchanging gifts. It is freaking sad! I... Continue Reading →

Basics of Photo & Video Editing

Don't let the title of this book fool you...  The last book I read was Photo and Video Editing for Seniors.  I got this book not knowing what programs they were using in the book, but the level it was teaching at.  This book goes into great detail about how to use Windows Live Photo... Continue Reading →

Thanks Murphy!

Once again my plans were for not.  What do they say about Murphy's Law?  If something bad is going to happen, I will happen when you don't want it to or something.  Every day I look at the forecast and last night was supposed to be the only night between my last trip to the... Continue Reading →

What else is out there?

Now that I am exploring more about editing lately, I have grown keen to Photoscape.  I am past the cut paste and crop phase of my editing and Photoscape can do way more than I know how to do yet.  Photoscape doesn't have a layer function though.  That made me start to wonder what else... Continue Reading →

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