Heading SE to Location #1

After hours of planning I picked two locations I want to visit on my trip.  This first location I chose for the following reasons:  relatively close to home, away from most of the light pollution, it’s elevation, it’s range of view and I should have less chance of being interfered with.  The featured image above shows its location in relation to Mt Rainier, about 20 miles as the crow flies.

This image is from last year, so I should have any trees restricting my view.  It is only a couple miles off of Hwy 410, the road is in good condition and there shouldn’t be any snow below 2500 feet yet this winter.  There is no way in hell I am going to be camping at this location, as it is way to out in the open.  With temps dipping into the low 20’s and teens with windchill, I will find another location that has more cover at a lower elevation.  I noticed a few places I can camp closer to the river.

Unfortunately without actually going here I won’t know for sure but it doesn’t look like I will see Mt. Rainier from this location.  To be continued upon my return.

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