Heading East to Location #2

The second location I chose to visit on my trip this December was merely to investigate something I saw in a satellite photo.  It might just make the WTF? section depending on what I find.  It is clearly something man made, but I need to get eyes on it to determine what it was.  I figured it might also be a good place to swing my metal detector and find some treasure.

There is definitely a structure of some kind near the river for some reason.  Upon closer inspection you can clearly see the lines of what may be an exterior wall, but who knows until I get there and investigate further.  This location is at almost 2500 feet, is in the bottom of a valley, has plenty of cover and is near the river to pan for gold. 

Upon taking another look for pictures, it looks like it had something to do with the water.  At the bottom end of the structure it looks like it has a place to drain water back into the river.  From measurements from Google Earth, it appears to be between 4-5 feet in width.  The exposed wall around the structure in the photo is 270 feet.  I can’t wait to see what was going on here.

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