I made it back…

This isn’t going to be a long post.  I left later than I wanted on December 1st and it got dark in the valleys way before sunset.  There was a gate for the road to location #1 hidden from satellite view by trees.  The road to location #2 also had a locked gate.  I needed a National Forest Parking Pass to park at the Greenwater Lakes Trailhead. 

I ended up spending the night at about 2600′ further up the road from the turn for the lakes trailhead.  Day 2 I explored the roads looking for some stuff for a hobby and hiked a little.  Day 3 I left camp early to make the most of our short days and was only able to climb to 4100′ before the roads became sketchy for my truck (8″ fresh snow on the narrow roads).

I’m now home and have looked through the photos I took.  Some have been sent off to Adobe and I will start adding the others to latenyte.com.  The featured photo was taken about 1/2 mile before I turned around.

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