Now the editing fun begins…

My trip was a success.  Well it was a success in the sense that I got out of the house, I got to shoot some new material and investigate a area new to me.  I am wrapping up my trip today which means I have a ton of images to edit and submit to Adobe to sell.  The fun begins editing because I still don’t completely know what I am doing.

This first couple of months I have devoted to learning my camera and understanding it’s limitations.  You don’t completely understand your camera’s limitations until you push it to do things it wasn’t designed for.  This is where I thrive.  I know what I want to do and use what I have available to try to accomplish these tasks.

I have a couple of books on photo editing that I got a chance to go through while I was on my trip so I might have a few more tools in my toolbox.  As soon as I get back I will start uploading my photos to further share my experience.  Stay tuned…

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