December 3rd, 2018

*Featured image I believe is a shot looking south at Noble Knob.

So Sunday night it started snowing heavily at about 4:00PM, yet when I got up there was only a trace on the ground at camp.  Nothing but blue skies on Monday morning, but cold enough to freeze my milk and cranberry juice.  I decided to pack up and spend the day exploring.  As I headed back down I wanted to take another look up the road to the upper WTF? target.

Mother nature had other plans for me though and they didn’t involve checking out my target.  I decided to head out of the valley and check out all the roads I passed on the way in.  If there wasn’t a gate I drove up it until it was no longer safe.

I have a lot of fun driving around in the fresh deep snow.  I apologize for not sharing more photos on but if any of my images will sell, then Adobe Stock has first pick out of my images.  Well that is the answer 99% of the time, but there is one shot I got that I thought was really cool.  For that it’s home is here on

Mt. Rainier peaking over a hill to the south.

I drove round trip 150 miles and used 3/4 tank of gas.  Mountain driving at maybe 15 miles an hour got me nearly 6 hours of driving and 2 hours of 50+ mph driving.  That is not to bad if you think about it, went less miles but ran my truck 4 hours longer than a full tank on freeway miles.  I have two more posts coming from this trip so stay tuned…


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