The Basalt Crystals

*Featured image shows the location where I picked my 3 specimens from.  If you are standing behind the shooting line looking straight out at the pit, at about 10:30 is where my crystals came from.

On Monday December 3rd, on my way out of the Greenwater River Valley, there was only on person at the pit where you can collect basalt crystals.  I hung out for a while watching the fellow shot his gun.  When his clips were exhausted, I asked him if I would have some time to go out and see what I could find.  He didn’t know what a basalt crystal was, and told me to take my time while he reloaded his clips.

The photos I took warrant a second trip to the pit.  There was too much cool stuff to shoot while worrying about bullets screaming through the air.  The crystals I brought home are still getting cleaning up.  Might be a month before I can get some good photos of them.  By the way, if you want to check this place out and get some basalt crystals, bring a wheelbarrow cause they are heavy.

It’s easy to get to and close to the freeway on a paved road.  If you know the area and are a rock hound, there are 3 other dig sites you can get to from FSRD 70.  There is one for a rare George Cliff green Jasper, one that has a rare black agate and a place you can collect Drusy Quartz.  Yes it is spelled drusy and not drowsy like my spell check was doing.  Problem solved, added drusy to dictionary.


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