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*Featured image was shot one afternoon when I was walking the beach at Salt Water State Park, WA.

Let me get right to the point.  So far has gone from not knowing what to do because everything was new to me, to how did things get so unorganized so quickly.  That would be the OCD tenancies that come with an ASD.  To some you may think there isn’t enough info on your site to be unorganized.  To that I say I am thinking about next year when I go from 71 posts and 5 pages to 400+ posts and maybe 100+ pages.

I would like to change from random plunking around to something a little more structured.  Routine and lists, with reminders, alarms, bells and whistles are needed for me to complete tasks.  Without them the ADD that comes with my ASD wouldn’t let me finish anything.  I have been throwing around a few ideas for content.  Some involve reader participation, some follow latenyte’s journey and progress.  Here are a few finalists:

  • Moon Me Mondays – weekly contest for best moon lit submissions of weekly topic.
  • Tuesday Project of the Week – What is latenyte working on this week?
  • Hump “Meme” Wednesday – Weekly meme contest submission for one of latenyte’s photos.
  • Social Thursdays – Special photo day for social media content (bloopers, shot locations and videos?).
  • WTF? Fridays – latenyte’s weekly What the Foto? submission.
  • Weekend in Reviews – posting reviews for things related to photography and latenyte.

I think getting the week started with a reader participation contest is a good way to start a week.  Follow that up weekly updates on latenyte’s projects and another weekly reader contest with humor.  Social Thursdays is a day where latenyte can focus on sharing a behind the scenes look at what it takes to be latenyte.  Everyone seems to be digging the What the Foto? section, so I would like to start doing weekly WTF? submissions to latenyte, with as much original material as possible.


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