WTF? #7: I don’t have a clue.

As I reported in previous posts, I was unable to get to Location #2.  the road that went up to it had a gate hidden from view in the satellite imagery.  To refresh everyone, image 1 is the original image I wanted to investigate.

Image 1
Image 2

Image 2 is the backup WTF? that I could get to on my way out.  Notice that both locations are very similar, and both have the same shoot at the bottom with water going into the main water channel.  Where the red question mark is in image 2, I shot image 3.

Image 3

Could it be for storm water run off from the adjacent clear cut?  If that was the case these would be all over the place.  The one by Location #2 didn’t have a recent clear cut next to it.  It doesn’t exactly have easy access for fish and you can kind of see how water enters the structure.  It also has three cables stretched across the top of the structure.  What ever these two structures are, they were not cheap to build in a National Forest.

Hopefully someone reading this will have an answer.  Here are three more images of the structure that I was able to get to.  Even with boots on the ground I couldn’t figure out it’s purpose.  For now this will remain a What the Foto?

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