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100 Days of latenyte photo

*Featured image was shot on a southwest beach of Puget Sound Washington, looking the the southwest at sunset.

If I am going to change anything with it’s going to be everything!  I’m creating graphics, new content and new pages to go with the 2019 layout of  In 2018 I made stuff as I went, constantly changing things, because I didn’t know what I was doing or what I could do.  With 100 days under my belt, I now have a good idea where I would like to go next year.

First, I’m not very happy with the limitations I have with WordPress.  It is either use a template or no WordPress.  Every attempt to add custom html has led to my want to throw my mouse, phone or laptop.  The classic and new editor in a WordPress suck if you know what is actually possible when designing a site.  Since I am limited by budget and not imagination, I am attempting to take something that was designed for something else and make it work for me.  Almost exactly like I was trying to do with my camera.

Here are a few milestones I have accomplished in the first 100 days of latenyte photography:

  • Have read 6 books on photography and completed 3 online courses.  I am on lesson 9 of “Photography for Beginners” on Park Review’s site, it’s a good read.
  • Acquired my first digital camera, the Nikon Coolpix P530.
  • Purchased a domain and hosting for first year.
  • Purchased 12 books, basics for light box, battery charger and a 2nd battery.
  • Published 75 posts that were viewed over 850 times.
  • Started selling stock photos on Adobe Stock.  130+ images have been submitted  and almost half have been approved for sale.
  • Got the featured photo for week 6 of Proscenium‘s Friday Follies.
  • Let’s not forget the two heart attacks and other health problems…

I’m excited about what 2019 has to offer.  What I am really excited about is losing a person.  I found out at the doctor before Thanksgiving that I am down 100+ pounds from what I weighed a year ago.  It’s amazing what can happen when you question those you trust to care for your health.  I was having bad side effects from medications I was taking.  So I fired my primary care physician and quit taking the meds when he wasn’t bothered by me gaining 10 pounds a month.

Thanks to all that have given me feed back, to those with sites that I like to visit and a special thanks to those that participate on in the future!


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