Breaking it up a bit…

To someone that doesn’t know how I work, if you were to come into my studio, it may look like a bomb went off when a student was studying for their finals.  I am trying to tackle quite a few things at the same time.  On my laptop I am redesigning  I returned 5 books to the library today and have a few more in the studio I’m still reading.  On the 55″ LED TV/Monitor I’m watching video after video on tips and tricks to night photography in between practicing editing my images.

I may be tackling a few things at the same time, but each one breaks up the learning the others so as to not get stale or burned out.  I am not so intimidated by the editing process anymore as the last two books I have read were on the topic of editing.  Come to find out I already have the basic tools I need to edit, I just didn’t know what I was doing.

I almost want to go back to some of my images to actually edit them instead of just cropping them.  Dare to grow your photographic capability, expand the knowledge you have of your camera and don’t just be someone that takes pictures, when you can tell stories with photography.


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