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The results are in…

So yesterday I posed to myself, a challenge.  I took a photo that I thought was okay and wanted to make it better.  The featured photo is the unedited image as the camera saved it.  I knew what the rock was when I shot it and think  I was the only person that knew it when walking by.  The rock is a big chunk of bedrock that is super dense, full of iron and has amazing texture from it being drilled with a bit at least 36 inches in diameter.  That is a huge drill bit for drilling into bedrock.

Sorry but being a miner/prospector, seeing this is an amazing achievement by man, I know what kind of power it took to turn that drill.  The chunk of bedrock is exposed to the weather, so it’s high iron content mixed with water and air has oxidized the iron giving it a deep dark rusty red color.  The bottom of the drill hole is actually at the top of the rock, the way the rock is sitting.  Towards the bottom of the drill hole there was hints of blue and green from moss and other organic stuff growing on the rock.  The way the rock is weathered, I would bet that it has been on the surface at least 20 years.

Well the results are in and I approve!  I only had to make a few minor adjustments to bring the life and color back into the photo.  No color was added.  Multiple images weren’t spliced together and editing this image wasn’t so bad after watching a few hours of videos on using Photoscape for editing.  So without any further babbling here is the edited photo next to the original.

Notice towards the top of the drill hole it is super dark rusty red.  That rust wasn’t transferred from something else.  Anyhow, my first experience with actually doing more than cropping was painlessly beneficial.  I am sure there is more that can be done, but the after photo is definitely better than the original and I didn’t know what I was doing when I was taking the shot.  Cheers Photoscape!


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