Clear your calendar…

This post goes out to the folks in the Seattle region of Washington state.  The last time we had skies clear enough to get some good night shots, there wasn’t a moon to light anything up.  Well, I have some good news.  Here is my forecast for Saturday (December 15th) night:

  • The sun sets at 4:20PM and the moon rises at 12:54PM
  • At 4:20PM the moon will be at 140 degrees on your compass and at an altitude of 29 degrees.
  • Solar noon is at about 6:41PM.
  • At solar noon the moon is directly south or 180 degrees on your compass and at an altitude of 38 degrees.
  • The moon sets at 12:48AM, early Sunday morning at 266 degrees on your compass.
  • It is about a week from the winter solstice with the longest and darkest nights.
  • The moon will be illuminated 56.1%.

I can’t control the weather, but it looks like spotty clouds, 60% humidity, 45F  with minimal a breeze.  Here is a look at your southern night sky at solar noon.

This will probably be your last chance to get some night shots done before the week of the holidays.  I already have two locations picked out, a primary and backup.  It is a Saturday so traffic should be light if you have to travel to your location.  I have my fingers crossed and a bunch of new ideas I want to shoot.


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