Ray’s Rant #1!

*This post has absolutely nothing to do with photography or latenyte.com in anyway.  This is me, the author of latenyte.com, saying something that needs to be said.  I will not be offended if you don’t completely read this post.

Let’s stop the negativity…

No apologies!  When did we as people become so damn sensitive.  Yes there are some exceptions, but for the most part from what I can see is people go from place to place looking for the things that are wrong.  It doesn’t matter if they go to their favorite chair or they go see their favorite family relative for the holidays, almost everyone finds something wrong.  This is just wrong!

We as people, are constantly surrounding ourselves with negativity and yet we are good for the most part.  It’s no wonder why there is a spike in depression, drug abuse and alcoholism.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  Do you think I am making this up?  I have a little exercise you can try if you want.  Have a conversation for 15 minutes with a good friend, either in person or some other way that is verbal.  Do most of the listening in the conversation and quietly keep track of how many times your friend complains or says something negative about anything.  You might be surprised to find out how much negative information is sent your way from a friend.  If you don’t have friends, watch the news and count how many positive and negative stories they have in a 30 minute session (after 30 minutes info is usually repeated).

This time of year especially, we should be looking at all of the good we see in things.  The next time you eat out, instead of complaining about your food maybe not being right, thank the manager for the great customer service from your server.  The next time traffic is bad, instead of raging change the station to some good music and turn it up.  The next time it rains, instead of staying in the house complaining about nothing being on but reruns, go outside and take a deep breath of fresh air.

Are kids today not taught about sticks and stones anymore?  I am trying to stay on topic here…  Here is the bottom line.  Every time you feel like you have been wronged, don’t create a blog about it or start a smear campaign on social media.  I know you were taught two wrongs don’t make a right!  Here is an idea.  If you have a problem with something, how about handling it like an adult.  Go to the source and discuss it, squash it and move on.

It sounds simpler than it is.  If we don’t start practicing this now, things are only going to get worse in the world, making it harder to repair the damage.  The last thing we need is an idiot wanting to start WWIII because one of his green socks wasn’t ironed right or because someone got unfriended.  How we act as adults directly affects our children and they learn from us how to handle conflicts.  What kind of example to you portray for your kids?  Do you come home from work to only complain about how horrible your day was, with everything that went wrong?

I am not some hippie preaching love not war.  I am some average dude who is fed up with the constant negativity I am surrounded by every time I leave the house.  We are better as people and need to start acting like it before it is too late!  I know it sounds like this letter is me complaining about complaining.  That is because it is and ironically if people didn’t complain so much I wouldn’t complain.  I’m Ray and that’s my rant…

Cherry Blossoms outside Matsumoto Castle, Japan 2018.

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