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This time of year a lot of stuff gets put on pause while family is our focus. I too have other things in my life going on. So instead of making a post about photography, I’ll make a post of thanks…

I would like to thank who ever was responsible for creating patient rights. If you don’t know what rights you have as a patient, you might not be getting the best medical care. I discovered that if I was unhappy with the care I was given, I am not obligated to continue to receive services from my doctor or doctors in my case.

My journey to better health began in 2016. I was in pretty bad condition mentally and physically by the end of 2016. I think I had only been to a doctor once between my hernia surgery in 2000 and April 2016. That was an emergency room visit in May of 2010. That visit was after going three rounds with a racoon.

On October 12th, 2016 I weighed 220 lbs. at my first appointment with my new PCP (Primary Care Physician). My doctors started me on several medications for different things, but none of them were really explained to me. By the end of February of 2017 I was taking eight different prescriptions and my weight had risen to 256 lbs.

I started seeing a mental health professional at the end of February in 2017 and she gave me additional medications. A couple of them were to replace some that didn’t work. My weight stabilized around 255 lbs., but I was still heavy. I always felt the best weighing between 185-195 lbs. This was a concern that I brought to my PCP’s attention and he wasn’t concerned. He told me that once I became more active my weight would drop.

One of the things I was dealing with was trouble sleeping. I had trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep and trouble falling back asleep if awoken. In July of 2016 my PCP started me on a new to me, different medication. It seemed to work for a couple weeks and then no additional improvement.

By September of 2016 I had noticed that my weight started to climb again. It was climbing yet I was more active. I had problems with side effects of other drugs but this was insane. I had gained 10 lbs. a month. I started researching all of my medications. I printed out each drug’s side effect page, highlighted the side effects I thought I was experiencing and showed them to my PCP.

He told me that it was normal to gain a few pounds when starting this medication, but it comes back off after your body gets used to it. I’m not a doctor so I believe him. By Christmas of 2017 I weighed in at a whopping 306 pounds. Here is a shot of my the morning after.

I had the courage to say enough! I’m not taking advice from you anymore. That is what a doctor is after all, they’re medical advisors. They are not your parents. Knowing that leaving my entire medical team and starting over explaining, my stuff to someone new, I did it for my own well being. Since 14 months ended in negative progress in both my physical and mental health, in 2018 I focused on my mental health.

This led to me stopping all but 3-4 of my prescriptions. I didn’t change my diet. I didn’t start working out or doing any exercise of any kind. I will bore you with all of the details of 2018 up until my two heart attacks in November. I have a new PCP. Last week when I went in for my appointment I weighed in at….. 204 lbs.

I’ve lost a person! Seriously, I’ve lost a person in 1 year from not following doctors orders. I actually wore jeans for the first time in 18 months, for Thanksgiving this year. I was like a kid learning how to use the TV remote for the first time.

I am thankful that one of my many speed bumps of life, is giving the impression that it is back under control. (It’s just an illusion)


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